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Parenting Counseling

​Ask yourself: Has your child started to isolate recently? Do they disrespect or disregard you? Do your kids ignore you and do you feel like you have to do everything yourself? Are you the "bad guy" in the house? Is your child hurting himself/herself some how? If you answered affirmatively, Pathways Counseling Center can help.

​Parent counseling can help parents feel equipped and much less apprehensive about knowing how to help their kids. If your child's behavior has suddenly changed or they seem unhappy, it's very normal to worry and feel overwhelmed. The parenting stress that results from this can range from a one-time event or recurring situation. Kids engage in all kinds of behaviors and counseling can help curb and even stop the behaviors.

When a child faces a mental health concern or behavioral issue, a parent may find help for the child but not attend to her/his own needs. In therapy, a parent can address their feelings about a certain issue, find support and guidance, and take practical steps toward more effective and satisfying parenting. Parents will be able to identify very practical solutions to these problems. For example, you may learn more about why you parent the way you do and gain a deeper understanding of yourself resulting in adjustments to meet the needs of a particular child and ultimately achieving more effective and satisfying parenting. Pathways Counseling Center looks forward to providing support and guidance to you and your family.

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