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Couples Counseling and Marriage Therapy

Couples counseling (or marriage therapy) helps couples of all types recognize and resolve conflicts in order to achieve more satisfying relationships. Through couples counseling, you can make thoughtful and considerate decisions about repairing and renewing your relationship or going your separate ways.

Some of the reasons to seek counseling include: 

  • Ineffective communication;

  • One or both partners are considering an affair or have had an affair;

  • When partners feel that they are just “roommates” or “co-existing;” 

  • When a couple stays together for the “sake of the children.” 

Pathways Counseling Center therapists have graduate or postgraduate degrees — and many choose to become credentialed by the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT). Couples counseling is often short term. Couples counseling typically includes both partners, but sometimes one partner chooses to work with a therapist alone. Your treatment plan will be tailored to your specific situation.

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