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Child and Family Therapy

Families are systems with well-developed patterns, both healthy and dysfunctional, which are utilized to achieve and maintain family balance.

When one or more people within a family are having problems, it affects the whole family unit. Marital relationships can affect children. Children and adolescents may experience problems that can create difficulties for the whole family. To complicate matters, generational family patterns, life cycle events and stressors in the extended family also have an affect. Larger society can also influence the family relationships and interactions.

Family intervention can help to alleviate this stress on the family, change the dysfunctional patterns and reinforce positive patterns and behaviors that are already working well.

The staff at Pathways can help families determine the involvement in treatment that best suits the needs of your family. This may include individual, couple or group treatment.

Learn more about some of our treatment options:

Abuse, Trauma and EMDR

Parenting Counseling

Self-Empowerment and Mindfulness

Family Stressors

Stress in the family may be a result of:
Parenting Issues
Family Relationships
Family Communication
Physical Trauma
Legal Issues
Gender Identity
Sexual Trauma
Step-Parenting/Blended Families
Life Cycle Transitions
Foster Care
Multi-Generational Challenges
Emotional Trauma

Child and Adolescent Services

When children and adolescents experience difficulties, family relationships can be affected. These difficulties, in turn, have an effect on the family. At Pathways Counseling Center we can help facilitate relief and create positive change for the entire family through therapy for children, teens and other family members.

Behaviors or changes exhibited by these children and adolescents might include:
Poor Social Skills
Suicidal Thoughts/Behaviors
Poor Self-Esteem
Change in Eating/Sleeping Patterns
Decrease/Change in Physical Health or Resistance
Emotional Delays/Regression to Earlier Stage Behaviors
Inappropriate Sexual Acting Out
Developmental Delays
Adverse Behaviors
Running Away
School Problems

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