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Problematic Sexual Behavior

​Pathways Counseling Center can help you or your loved one heal and regain control of worrisome and problematic sexual behavior. Our seasoned therapists help adults and adolescents/children struggling with:

    •    Sex addiction and compulsive sexual behavior
    •    Internet and porn addiction
    •    Legal problems due to sexual behavior

In addition to the above, Pathways Counseling Center recognizes that spouses and partners of sex addicts struggle as well. Help is offered in individual, couples, and group settings.

Pathways Counseling Center is experienced working with the legal community. We provide Psychosexual Evaluations to assist in your legal process.

More information:

Sex Addiction and Sexually Compulsive Behavior

Spouses and Partners of Sex Addicts

Adult Problematic Behavior

Psychosexual Evaluations

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