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Sex Therapy

Sexuality is an important part of human personality and behavior. Each person possesses a unique sexual value system. A wide variety of sexual expressions exist because of psycho-social and cultural influences. Within this context, sexual behaviors and attitudes of each individual in a relationship need to be mutually identified and understood if sexual interaction is to improve. There is no un-involved partner in a sexually dysfunctional relationship. To blame or assign fault serves no useful purpose in reversing a sexual difficulty. Pathways Counseling Center focuses on what is or is not happening between a couple. The “client” in couple’s sexual counseling is the interactive relationship of the couple, not an individual.

Anxieties and fears concerning one’s performance can have a very damaging effect on sexual interaction. Fortunately, such anxieties can be reduced. If no physical problem is present, sexual dysfunction is seen as a learned behavior, maintained by performance anxieties and by external environment. If a physical problem is present, clients are then referred to consulting physicians for evaluation and treatment of the medical condition.

Sexual therapy can also address specific issues and concerns, including:

  • Recovery from substance abuse

  • Kinks/fetishes

  • Mixed orientation marriages

  • Gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, questioning

  • Physical disabilities

  • Single or uncoupled

  • Polyamorous interactions

For more information regarding sexual therapy and therapist certification, please visit the American Association of Sex
Educators Counselors and Therapists
 page - AASECT

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