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Spouses and Partners of Sex Addicts

Pathways offers both individual counseling and group therapy for partners of sex addicts. Individual therapy can focus on processing the disclosure of the addiction and acting out, as well as how to move forward. This also offers support that partners may not get elsewhere as admitting their loved one is a sex addict and sexually acting out is not easy. 

Betrayal, shame, and hopelessness can develop when your partner is a sex addict or sexually acting out. Questions like "Why did my partner do this?" and "How do we move forward?" become disorienting. Maintaining your sanity, self-worth, and self-esteem seems impossible. Many partners of sex addicts find an early step in healing knowing that they are not alone and others are going through something similar.

Support is also found in group therapy. The primary focus of group therapy is to provide the knowledge and support to partners of sex addicts. Group therapy discusses any current or past stressors relating to the recovery process in an environment that allows members to express themselves and relate to one another. 

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